In Case It Wasn’t Enough, Here Are More Ideas For Fathers’ Day!

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3 min readMay 31, 2022


Father could be more than one. In case you haven’t decided what to gift that special someone, here is a guide to enlighten you in the arduous search for the Perfect Gift.

HOTO Tool Sets

Although a new addition to the HOTO family, the Tool Sets are already TOP 3 in sales! These are surely a public favourite, and no wonder why! Users have given us both constructive comments and very positive feedback. HOTO Tool Sets are available in 3 formats: Manual, 12V Brushless Drill, and 3.6V Screwdriver Tool Set.

HOTO 3.6V Screwdriver Tool Set

If a fully manual Tool Set doesn’t convince you, check out this set that features a HOTO 3.6V Screwdriver to perform all high-efficiency screwing. As seen in the picture, all tools are perfectly distributed and fixed in their places. This is a modern take on the traditional kit that is big, chunky, and heavy.

Discover HOTO 3.6V Screwdriver Tool Set

(HOTO 3.6V Screwdriver Tool Set)

HOTO 12V Brushless Drill Tool Set

In case your dad is all about big projects, then the HOTO Tool Set with the 12V Brushless Drill is the best choice! Apart from drilling, which is the obvious function, this tool also screws! HOTO 12V Brushless Drill Tool Set is a multi-functioning set that with the best characteristics of modern industrial designs: clean lines + high-quality materials.

Discover HOTO 12V Brushless Drill Tool Set

(HOTO 12V Brushless Drill Tool Set)

HOTO Flashlight Lite

One of our favourite tools for many reasons. For starters, it’s the attractive design. But once you use it, the functions are simply so clever and well-thought out. Hook it up anywhere you go! Some great additional features we added to the flashlight are the diffuser head, the hidden Type-C charging port, and the SOS button. Every little detail is previously studied so when your dad is outdoors at night, all the family can rest assured.

Discover HOTO Flashlight Lite

(HOTO Flashlight Light, by @matthew_erre)

HOTO Tire Inflator

HOTO Tire Inflator is MUST. Although you may be in disbelief, a tire inflator can open hundreds of possibilities as to “outdoor activities”. For cyclist dads, a tire inflator can save you from bumpy roads. If there are kids at home, a balloon or inflatables party could be great fun! If this is not your style, you can use it for your basketballs and footballs, and organize a mega neighbourhood championship!

Discover HOTO Tire Inflator

(HOTO Tire Inflator)

HOTO High Pressure Washer

The biggest HOTO tool is also the biggest helper. Now that summer is coming, a pressure washer to humidify the porch, or clean off all the insects that end up smashed on the front window after a road trip, is really becoming more and more essential. Just as all other HOTO tools, this is a highly versatile pressure washer that comes with all the accessories so that your dad won’t have to purchase anything online. Wash, water, soap and rinse… Read first-hand experiences on our website and see how amazing HOTO High Pressure Washer is!

Discover HOTO High Pressure Washer

(HOTO High Pressure Washer, photo from

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